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A beginner's course usually runs for 6 weeks and costs £40.00 per adult and £30.00 per junior fencer and briefly when on consists of:

Please contact us if you're interested in joining one of our beginner classes.

It doesn't matter how old you or how fit you are, the beauty of fencing is that everyone can participate at their own level and get something out of it. All we ask beginners to being along are non-marking trainers and track suit or jogging bottoms (not jeans, baggy trousers, shorts or anything with open pockets).

If you enjoy the course and wish to continue fencing, then you can join Kendal Fencing Club. We would be happy to welcome you whether you are interested in taking your skills further to competition at local, regional and national level or just in participating in a weekly social activity in a friendly environment that keeps you fit!

If you do decide to continue after the beginners' course you can still use the clubs equipment however you may want to purchase your own kit. There are members at the club who can advise you on the best options and can assist in obtaining prices with club discount.

Beginners class dates: please contact us or see the local press for details.

If there isn't a beginners class on a date to suit you, you can always come down to one of our club evenings and give it a try.